The melodrama of conflict

One of my big projects at the moment is working on a book called the Melodrama of Conflict.  My theory is that people who are not managing conflict well tend to tell their story of conflict in the genre of melodrama (the proper classical genre, not the way we use the term colloquially).

Professor Nadja Alexander and I developed the REAL Conflict Coaching System to support people in conflict to move away from dysfunctional melodramatic conflict narratives.  We want our clients to move from being a passive victim to being the active hero of their future conflict story.  It might sound weird, but I think a better genre for a constructive conflict narrative is tragedy.

To find out more, listen to my talk to the International Coaching Federation in the USA on coaching people through the melodrama of conflict (this is a recording of the tele-seminar, so there’s a bit of chit chat at the start as people logged into the call):