For information about the aims of the Network, please see our ‘about‘ page.


We don’t like hierarchies or unnecessary administration, so we don’t have any membership list or legal organisational framework.

The way to become a member of the ADR Research Network is to subscribe to the blog at This is our primary means of communication.

Subscription will mean that every time a post is made on the blog you will receive a notification alert to your email address. Other ways to follow blog activity is through Facebook “ADR Research Network” and Twitter @ADRResearch, but engagement on these platforms is not necessary to keep track of blog activity.

Regular contributors to the blog will be given a profile on our page.


You are welcome to make a guest blog post and/or request to be added as a regular contributor who can post directly. These requests can be directed to Nussen Ainsworth.


The next Round Table will be held at Bond University in February 2022 (exact date TBA).


4 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Dear Pauline, I have done this. Please note that the email list is used rarely, is imperfect, and does not serve as a membership list. The most effective way to be in touch with the activities in the network is to subscribe to this blog. Please let Becky know if you are experiencing difficulty subscribing. All the best, Olivia


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  3. Yes. I am a member of the International Society for the Study of Argument and the Ontario Society for the Study of Argument. I am interested in the origins, spread, entanglement, and institutional life of contestation, disputation and debate as well as the more mean, less productive forms of invective communication: quibbling, quarrelling, and squabbling. I am interested in Australian feminism, news commentary, and discussions of indigenous peoples and migrants. I am a professor at the University of Southern California at the Annenberg School of Communication.


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