Negotiation, Identity and Justice: Pathways to Agreement by Daniel Druckman

In his most recent book Dan Druckman takes the reader on a journey through the three parts of his career: research institutes, consulting firms, and universities. Across the span of his professional years, Dan worked at 16 institutions and has been a mainstay at the International Association for Conflict Management (IACM). An interesting feature of the book is how he managed to weave a triad of overarching themes into this diversified inter-disciplinary career. From his days in graduate school to the present, he has been intrigued by issues of negotiation, identity, and justice. These themes have been pursued assiduously in experiments, case studies, reviews, theory development and in conflict management practice. They are on display in the articles selected for inclusion, ranging from early, middle, and later career contributions and spanning an array of methods, theories, and framework-driven analyses of complex processes.  He also provides rare glimpses of behind-the-scenes networks, sponsors, and events with personal stories that make evident that there is more to a career than what appears in print. A concluding section looks back on how his career connects to classical ideas and the value of an evidence-based approach to knowledge generation. He also looks forward to directions for future research in six areas. For young and established scholars alike, there is much to be learned about the career challenges faced and decisions made by Dan. Dean Pruitt sums up the contributions in his quote: “informative and inspirational reading throughout.”

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About Dr Rachael Field

Rachael is a Professor of Law in the Bond University Faculty of Law, and Co-Director of the Bond Centre for Dispute Resolution and Bond’s Centre for Professional Legal Education. Her areas of teaching and research expertise include dispute resolution, family law and domestic violence, lawyer and law student well-being and legal. Rachael has published widely in the dispute resolution field and completed a PhD on mediation ethics in 2011. Amongst other works, she is the author of Australian Dispute Resolution (2022) and co-author with Laurence Boulle of Mediation in Australia (2018). Rachael founded the Australian Wellness Network for Law and co-founded the ADR Research Network. She has been involved with Women’s Legal Service, Brisbane since 1993 and is now an Ambassador for the Service. In 2013 Rachael was named Queensland Woman Lawyer of the Year and in 2020 she was elected to be a life-long Honorary Academic Bencher of the Inner Temple in London.

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  1. Update! Professor Druckman advises that readers can get a 20% discount on the book if they enter a code (AFL02) at checkout.


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