Much Excitement, Live tweeting ahead

photo courtesy State Library of Queensland

Here at the ADR Research Network we are proudly hosting our 4th Round Table at UNSW, Sydney this Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 September. We have 15 papers, each with a commentator and facilitator, two plenary sessions on developing ADR research and around 20 excited attendees, ranging from Professors of ADR in Australia and Canada to ADR professionals and PhD students. Lots of time has been left for discussion of papers and informal chats. Papers discussed are works in progress and we aim to harness our collective expertise to make the dispute resolution research presented even better. 

We will be live tweeting the event for our Twitter account @ADRResearch and are posting some paper summaries here in our blog. Papers presented include

  •     Family Dispute Resolution in multicultural and multi-faith Australia  
  •     Mediator Effectiveness  
  •     Accessing “justice” outside of courts and tribunals 
  •     Conflict in Planning Disputes in Melbourne 
  •     Discerning the Seat of Arbitration 
  •     The role of local government in NSW in the referral of disputes to alternative dispute resolution services 
  •     ADR: A European Perspective  

Stay tuned!


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About Associate Professor Becky Batagol

Dr Becky Batagol is an Associate Professor of law at the Faculty of Law, Monash University and at Monash Sustainable Development Institute. She is a researcher and teacher with a focus on family law, family violence, non-adversarial justice, dispute resolution, gender, child protection and constitutional law. Becky is the co-author of Non-Adversarial Justice (2nd ed, 2014), Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law? The Case of Family Mediation (2011) and the author of many academic articles. Becky is the chief-editor of the ADR Research Network blog and tweets regularly under the handle @BeckyBatagol. Becky is the Chief Editor of the Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network blog. In 2017 Becky was the President of the Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network.

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